Favourite BTVS villian: Dark!Willow

"Let me tell you something about Willow. She’s a loser, and she always has been. People picked on Willow in junior high school, high school, up until college with her stupid mousy ways. And now… Willow’s a junkie."

"oh Buffy.You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked.”

Favourite BTVS villian : 1. Angelus

-“Well, maybe next time I’ll bring you with me, Spike. Might be handy to have you around if I ever need a really good parking space”

-“ I could never live in a rat infested stinkhole like this, pardon me for saying so. But I gotta have myself a proper bed or I’m a terror”

Favourite btvs friendships (no particular order) : Willow and Xander

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