btvs appreciation week • day one: favourite character

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Your whole brother thing is getting a bit creepy...

TADADADA *dramatic sound*

Im a creep , you got me. I love when psychotic big brothers would burn down the world for their little brothers ,i love when little brothers idolize their old ones ,  i love different and original interpretations and storylines about the complexity and ambiguity of family bonds and the effect of the environment ( parental physical/mental abuse , incestuous undertones )  on their characters and relationships , i love overdisplay of physical affections , typical knight big brother complex trope , between two male who are difficultly able of intimacy with others ( blunted effect and whatnot ).

I love when their sociopathic tendancies , ironically completely negated when it comes to each other , are associated with a deep psychotic need to live and die for each other. I love the mythological idea of two brothers being one soul split in two destined to feel whole and alive only with each other.

I love the consuming devotion between two people who were born , grew old and died together with the same blood running through their veins. When one bleed , the other cut himself even more. I love what is rare , dark , twisted , mind challenging , confusing and mindblowing. I love paradoxal brothers emotions at its worst and best (oxymorons ya all , i dig that ‘i love you jerk but i hate you darling’). I love when laws , morality or common sense has no meaning when you hurt someone’s brother. I love that it brings out the beast inside

I don’t believe in true love or lasting romantic relationships because everything is meant to change, everything but blood. Blood is always thicker. I love when even mentally fragile, deeply schizophrenic or downright possessed , his brother’s voice can break through the walls of his inner prison. 

i also want to specialize myself in med psychiatry 

which might explain me being a creep


TADADADA *exits*

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there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation

btvs appreciation week • day two - favourite pairing or friendship: spike & joyce
      ↪ "Joyce was the only one of the lot of you that I could stand."

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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